Torn Pages!


               Today while clearing my bookshelf, I found an old diary. A diary that was probably hidden years ago, into a place where no one would find it. Into a dark bookshelf, with a few other dozens of books. It seemed quite thin and weak, though it still had a few words to convey. It had stories to tell, before it was discarded and recycled to a fresh new version of another diary or book or magazine.

I dusted the cover leaf and turned it open to it’s very first page. The ink was now faded and unclear but the pages withheld the calligraphic beautiful hand writing and there was my name written in bold and impressive alphabets. I turned the fragile page to see a beginning, a frail but an untold story, a written but unread history.

But as soon as I turned, I saw all the pages were torn into half, as if the book were burnt and withdrawn from fire. As if the the story was meaningless, I felt lifeless. I still tried to read the remaining parts of the book, like it was a residue of something important, something precious and something that was hidden from me for a long-long time. I found no meaning, no sense and no story and that hour passed away leaving not much remembrance of it.

I completed the cleaning, I ate my meals, lived my day. And the book by now had probably reached the mills for recycling. The torn pages couldn’t say much or mark a point on that day. But they definitely added a little value to my life. Even though the book was worn out, it had some importance. Maybe not for me, maybe not here and maybe not now.

Likewise, I may not be important to people around me, I may not be useful here, I may not be skilled for a job like this. But there might be someone for whom I’m everything, there might be a place that needs my skill and most importantly might be a world that I’m made for.

So, this is it. We all have some scars, some torn pages in life. But no matter what difficulties we’ve gone through, there are still some roads to be taken, some books to be read, some secrets to be shared and so much life to be lived.

So in the end, cheers to a whole lot of new beginnings! 🙂


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