Sudden Rains!


               It was a bright sunny day, with a temperature that of scorching heat and burning feet. Me and my friends headed out for a bike ride to a hill station at most sixty kilometers away from the city. With an expectation of a hot sunny day we all dressed up in shorts and tees and for the way we packed some sandwiches of ham and cheese.

We halted at a small shack almost halfway for some quick bites and coffee. As we ate our evening snack and sipped our coffee, it started pouring heavily. Our plan of the bike ride definitely got washed away. Moreover, it was further difficult to return home now. As we waited there in the shack downhearted I happened to see these bunch of necessitous kids of around ten to twelve years of age carrying big buckets to probably save some water for their homes.

Even though they carried big burdens over their little and tiny shoulders they smiled endlessly today. Maybe they prayed for this rain day and night, every moment, every minute or even every single breath. Maybe they wanted little water to quench their poverty, to wash away their sorrows and to be drenched in happiness.

For the first time today, I felt impoverished for being disappointed about little things. For the first time in my life today, I felt the difference between my expectations and someone’s hope.

There’s a very fine line between hopes and expectations and we all tend to cross it almost everyday. Let’s put an end to expectations and a beginning to appreciations. 🙂


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