One Step!


               This is an incident of about a month back. I was sharing the idea of starting this blog with a few of my friends. After a few games of football, we usually sat near the court discussing each others’ life stories and incidents.

It was tough yet a spontaneous decision that I made. Writing for oneself and writing a blog are two different worlds. Especially a blog that narrates tales about your life and also somewhere or the other depicts who are as a person, what you do for a living or even what kind of people surround you.

A little confused about starting to write descriptive tales after an year of doing poetry I started to take an opinion and I was also influenced by some views. Most of my friends said, I should give it a try. They said, “Why not? Go ahead! If this makes you happy then why hesitate?” Some also criticized. They made jokes about how much will I write in life and also teased me a bit like all friends do.

So here I was, back home. With an unclear but steady mindset. I wasn’t sure at all about doing this, I didn’t want to put myself in a state of failure. Then I went online and read a few articles about writing and how it really clears your mind and adds presence to it.

Hence, here was the outcome this small blog about tales that effected my life in certain ways. I don’t know about writing yet, but making or taking a decision definitely clears our mind. No matter how big the step may seem, take it for once. Maybe you’re wrong. But what if that one step really adds value to life later? What if that one small decision changes your life and maybe helps others too. Consequently, what if that step is a misstep? Get up and take another step.

Life is full of chances don’t wait for them, take them. 🙂


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