Paper Boat!


               So this is a small part of my naughty childhood. One of the first few things I learnt at kindergarten was how to make a paper boat and I’m like a fan of everything that is related to water. So I was always a slow learner and I couldn’t really make that boat in the first attempt and this close friend of mine who was also a neighbor learned any sort of art very easily.

In consequence, every evening I used to land at her place, screeching her name on the top of my voice, with a ball in my hand on my little blue bicycle and Daisy, my friend, would always come out ten minutes late, with a paper boat of a new color in a plastic bowl of water to make me furious.

During this time, the rainy days. We had a monsoon break at school and our holiday project was to get a picture of our own paper boat art. I clearly remember how I sat on my table, with my book, tearing pages and trying to make a paper boat. So one evening when I had mastered the trick of making different types of paper boats I made them in all colors of pages that were possible and spread them on my dining table.

This evening I went to Daisy’s house and invited her home telling her there was a gift for her at my place. Daisy, with a big smile came running and saw my dining table with so many paper boats floating in all sorts of vessels that I could’ve carried. I had paper boats in glasses, on pans, in milk cans, everywhere and ultimately, Daisy went home crying and I got a trashing from mother for creating such a mess.

There is some sort of mischief we’ve all done in our childhood and how else would that age be innocent otherwise? I remember so many more stories from my childhood where I’ve spoiled someone else’s day and been proud about that.

That was the only time when little things mattered too much and big things never existed. Even though I still love making paper boats in the rains. 🙂


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