The Critic!


               I have this habit of thinking about all the possible consequences at the very first step. I mean, even before I wear my shoes, I’ll think about what if I lose the race. Some people tell me that I’m a very good critic but being that critical person stands in my own way.

Right before I started writing in the Seventh Grade, I was worried about my vocabulary, my writing ability and also other factors that would tell my mind constantly about failing. Being this person who always fretted about making mistakes never let me become the person who was creative or could go out of the way to create something new. I stepped out of my home but now just to walk on paths that were already made and also traveled.

I read a lot of great authors to write like them, but I could never appreciate my own work or be myself. Today, as I’ve built my own roads and traveled a little more on my own paths I’ve realized how my critical mind stopped me from doing so many new things.

Be an Encourager, the world has too many critics already.


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