Some days I amaze myself. Other days I keep my keys in the fridge! Yes, that’s how imperfect I am. A sharp mind, a beautiful soul and a colossal heart in a lean body.

Isn’t it weird how we look for perfection in everything? How we want to notice each scar, touch every wound but put aside the story behind it. Everything in this world has some aesthetic value to it. Yet, we do not wish for an aesthetic value, we wish to see the flawless, the quintessential characteristics and the perennial content.

We fail to understand how we all lack of something and hold something marvelous within. But we never fail to judge, to put down or even observe injuries on skin. We never wish to be known as ugly or poor or sad even if in terrible pain. We feel it’s better to hide in this world rather than being termed weak.

I ask, “Who decides the strength?” Isn’t weak beautiful too? Isn’t poor hard working? Isn’t ugly a sharp mind? Or doesn’t the sad have a brave heart? It’s quick and easy to look away and term. But a real person is the one who can look within without being scared. The one who can share the stories behind your scars. The one who calls you beautiful everyday and the one who never stops you from being perfect in your own way.

We all are perfect in our imperfections. If I can wear my dignity, embrace strength and carry beauty in my smile I guess I’m perfect in every way of my life. For perfection isn’t in being opulent, the smartest or the most fair. It’s in being you and not what you look like or wear.

While perfection can be everything, imperfection is interesting. 🙂


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