Some Days!


               Some days are just bad. Gloomy and sad. It’s obvious that to notice the good in life, one has to face the bad moments, live through the bad days and learn to leap. But is it so easy to laugh through your sorrows, to wear a smile or to even forget about a bad memory?

It’s not quite easy at times and I’ll tell you why. When we think about a memory, we get stuck in a loop of it. Every rejoiced moment with another happy one and similarly every sorrow with another sorrow attached. We might look away, do different things, get engrossed in odd tasks but our mind thinks about the same thing over and over again. We can’t get away of these thoughts until another marvelous moment takes place.

Sometimes there’s no getting away from a terribly hard day and it seems impossible to smile on a day like that one. We feel let’s not talk, let’s just cry or be alone and just give up. But actually it’s the other way round. On such days, we should do exactly the opposite, maybe talk it out, not cry about it for it’ll just be gone and live through it no matter how hard and harsh it is on us.

It’s not quite necessary to always be happy, it’s not so compulsory to always smile along. But, what seems better to laugh or to cry? And if you feel the urge to cry, cry it out. Cry loud and hard so that the next day you can be beautiful in the smile you wear.

So the best way to get through a really bad day is to do something that we love. Create another moment and indulge our mind to think about this one instead. In that way, we take control and master our minds to think about what we like and do things that make us really really happy.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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