Today when I came here, I had absolutely nothing in my mind that would impress readers, nothing that would inspire someone, nothing that could make someone smile. But I just wanted to give myself a break by writing a piece.

It’s been a particularly tough time for me since a while and in such moments one doesn’t feel like appreciating life. In fact, one feels like a daily dose of a punch in the face. One barely wishes to smile and our eyes have already cried buckets. These moments are not really like “What Next?” these moments are like “You’re good for nothing, just give up!”

You just can’t think of anything nice, not even desserts. You don’t feel like doing anything because all of a sudden you think you’re either going to ruin it or you’re not worth it. You distance yourself from people for it’s sure they won’t care enough otherwise. And do they really listen to “What the matter is?” without getting annoyed? I don’t think so. I’ve also been this person who fears sharing life’s problems so it becomes a worse than worse situation when someone asks me “Tell me, what’s wrong?” and if in case I reply with a “I don’t know!” or “Let me be alone!” they feel that I don’t want to talk to them and get upset indirectly, which is absolutely not the case.

At times, life does give us lemons and what to do if you don’t know how to make a Lemonade? At times, you want to make a lemonade but life doesn’t even give you lemons! Also at times, life has given you enough lemons and you know how to make a lemonade but they ask you to wait. And only in such times there will surely be people to ask you about “How does it taste?”


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