The 365 Opportunities!



               As soon as we get closer to a year end we start making new plans for the coming year. New goals, new aims also different types of resolutions. Some say they’ll start exercising, some say they’ll stop procrastination, some say they’ll write a book and some say they’ll be more active.

The whole world feels this rush of energy during January. By February the inspiration is almost gone because of the hard work required. By March and April due to work load or the academic load we tend to put our so called habit aside and for the rest of the year we’re too lazy and caught up to get back to it. While there are some people who stick to their principle and get things done the right way and rejoice at the year end while most others repeat their resolutions at another year end.

Why does this happen? Why don’t our goals work out? Why can’t we stay committed long after the mood in which we’ve committed has left us? The real reason behind not being able to raise an effective habit to change our lives is that we plan too much. We think of taking a big step. Some of us even get to the gym and enroll if we’ve thought of exercising. While this, is completely the false way to start. All we need to do is to take a small step. A walk, to a jog, to some daily basic exercising routine and then probably hitting the gym.

And to do this we don’t require a year end. All we really need is just a new beginning for a new opportunity. Do you think a new year celebration would be much better if we were already into a life plan? A goal, an aim and a resolution to stick to?

Everyday has a new opportunity for each one of us. Let’s grab it with both our hands before it’s another day. 🙂


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