The Notepad!


               I’m a daydreamer and a night-thinker. For all the people who think they are like me and for everyone who understands my habit would know how important it is for me to have a notepad at my side table. For any great idea might strike me at three am in the morning.

Usually people don’t have specific times to think or think deep or think for themselves. But most people have a specific time to perceive different parts of their lives by thinking. And a great idea strikes only when there’s some peaceful thinking rather than a forceful one. This peaceful thinking happens with me at nights, in the dim light of the stars and the moon rather than the bright light of the sun.

It’s really important to understand what time is our mind completely active. It’s best to have a big dream but what’s more helpful is to have your mind into your dream to fulfill it. It’s best to wake up early and go exercising. But if one’s sleepy and they’re not enjoying that exercise it will only make it worse. Our mind has to be present with us to understand the little-big things even if they aren’t that important.

And the notepad helps our minds to become a better thinker I guess. 🙂



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