5 Seconds!


               With the start to this year, I played a quick game with myself. A game in which I didn’t have to make a resolution but quit doing something that hurts me a lot. And I thought that what hurts me the most is me myself, because after anything that affects me, I over think about it and it becomes an heart ache from just a small skin pinch.

So how did I do that? For example, a friend said something, he or she shouldn’t have, not even in jokes. As a consequence, I count down from the least favourite number i.e. five to zero and smile as wide as I can when I complete counting zero. This way all the thought gets diverted to smiling and it becomes so simple to forget what really hurt you.

Can you imagine just five seconds or ten seconds taking all your pain away? I know it’s not always easy but most of the times it’s so much fun and relaxing.

Find out your way to quit hurting yourself this year and make each wide smile a really memorable one. 🙂


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