Have you ever felt like being an important person in someone’s life? So important that their life seems incomplete without you no matter how small a part you play? Doesn’t it feel precious to feel like that? I start feeling special when I am somebody important for somebody.

In fact it acts like a motivator to me. When I feel important in others lives’ I feel loved and I love myself more deeply. I start trying to make an impact on my life as well as on the lives that surround me. For people who are important to me and then we all grow together as a little world of our own in the big world we live in.

Today, I realized that if this feeling had such a tremendous impact on me, how will it look if I passed it on to someone? Someone who is not that close to me. Or maybe someone who is close but doesn’t know how special he or she is. Or maybe someone who really needs to understand that they are a someone special and their existence plays a vital role in others lives.

Consequently, I thought of being the somebody who could make everybody realize that they too are a SOMEBODY!

Will you be that person too? Who can make others feel special about their presence? 🙂


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