With a beginning to 2017, I promised myself a happy and successful life. It was obvious I wasn’t going to get what I desired until I deserved it, and to do that I took a step further, in the right direction and started working for it.

With pleasure comes pain and I was sure to incur it. I knew I had to give something valuable to get something precious and that’s exactly where the journey started. At the very beginning I thought it was too much I was paying for happiness, gradually the thought shifted from happiness to success and today I feel, life couldn’t have been better than this.

I already feel like a successful young girl just because I could pay the right price and learn to give, to get for myself too. It’s not always important to do that, but sometimes it honestly works.

I’m sure every new beginning has had a promising ending and thus today it doesn’t matter where one starts, what matters is, to start. 🙂


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