Thoughts And Ideas!


With our extremely restless minds and extensive amount of knowledge in them, we tend to have countless imaginations and immeasurable thoughts each day.

But how many ideas do we have each day? One, two, or maybe a few more right? And how many out of these few ideas do we work upon on that day? Maybe one. Can you imagine, it takes one thought from a million of them to repeat itself at least thrice a day to turn into an idea? And these ideas don’t even get the right kind of attention from us.

One will never know how close they are to a million-dollar idea unless they’re willing to listen to that one thought repeating itself. It is true that we tend to do what we think. Negative thoughts would make our day sound like a bad day, while positive ones can actually make our day count into the list of special ones.

Similarly, it’ s important for us to listen to our thoughts, turn them to positive if they don’t seem good enough and also understand the sound of a million-dollar idea striking. πŸ™‚


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