Every single day, I fight with myself to become better, someone better than who I am. Someone who is special and not just a “SOMEBODY”. I strive hard, tremendously hard not to become a successful or a celebrated person. Nor do I wish to be any opulent personality.

Everything I ever wish for is to be the best version of myself. An unbeatable girl in my skin. A someone who isn’t made of pride or superiority but made just from perspiration and inspiration. It takes a lot of courage and grit to become what you feel is the best. But who wishes to be weak or scared either right?

Each one of us, on the face of this earth are going through our own struggles, fighting our own battles and smiling through our own paths. We’re all running this race where the only opponent to beat is ourselves. But, here who really decides the winner of it all? I feel, we all are winners somewhere or the other. Each one of us should be proud about the uniqueness of our souls, the beauty of us being different from each other and smile through all the hurdles in our race.

Be UNIQUE! Be You! 🙂


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