After a lot of weight gain trials recently, I understood how beneficial workouts were for my lean body. With regular workouts I soon realised how they also helped my dopamine levels rise and make me a more satisfied person even in bad health or tough times.

It wasn’t easy at first to just get up in the mornings and reach my destination. Soon the story shifted from hitting the running track to actually doing the exercises and today I don’t feel lazy or tired at all. Today it’s not important if I go the extra mile or not, but what is important, is whether I enjoy myself or not.

It has become a very happy life story since I’ve started my workout training. Even though I haven’t gained much weight but I’ve definitely gained a lot of happiness. They always said, “Tire your body to charge your mind.” and today, I find it absolutely true and understand the value of a healthy body and a happy mind.

Try tiring your body a little and see how it works for your mind! 🙂


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