I’m a twenty year old trying to find my way through this mysterious world. Don’t we all some day have to? Don’t we have to choose a path that’s just ours. At times even make one. A path that maybe no one has travelled or a path that we have to go on all alone without lovers or haters?

And it’s a tough job to just choose one path when you have four tempting options or rather even more. It gets tougher if you think about other aspects of life like love, work, health or family. It gets tougher when you’re not alone and there are millions trying to stop you and further tougher when you have to build one with the world opposing and telling you, “You’re absolutely wrong”.

I started mine, with all the kinds of difficulties I could ever face, I started building my path. Soon I realized I didn’t have enough gravel or even sand, so I worked and earned my gravel. Gradually I knew it was going to get over, I worked harder, saving almost every penny, I tried to earn all my materials. Now as soon as I started again it started raining. Tough work got tougher and even toughest but I wasn’t going to give up so I worked and saved for seasons to come. With rains coming to an end, I realised I never had the right kind of equipment, now I worked hard for the equipment. Sooner or later I understood why I wanted that path so bad. Building it was my first step while travelling it was my ultimate destination. The gravel here is my confidence, the other materials are probably strength, determination and practice and my equipment is knowledge.

In this journey of finding our own path, our own self we require the knowledge to use our strength in the best manner, be determined and keep practicing with confidence. Journey of life can be the toughest yet don’t give up because the destination is really worth quite a lot. 🙂


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