via Daily Prompt: Slur


This is my first post on a word prompt. Usually, I am not this blank about what to write but today when I saw the word “Slur” as the prompt I thought how perfectly it fit to my thoughts and took a step towards writing it.

It’s not a good sign right to slur or mumble or fumble with words? It clearly gives out the sign of nervousness or fear or maybe lack of confidence. At times, one may also judge that the person slurring with words is either drunk or probably has a disability. But on the other hand, when we watch movies or television shows, slurring becomes a kind of comic. A difficult scene to do and also we appreciate how well the actors do it. In drama schools, slurring is probably a stage or exam to pass through for students. We make sure kids learn new words from the habit of slurring at their young ages. Then why does it affect when a grown up slurs or mumbles?

I know it’s quite an unhealthy habit or maybe not a respectable one. Although, if looked through the eyes of an artist it’s quite an articulate thing to do. Think about the thoughts that get messed up or wind together in our minds? It’s quite normal if we speak them without filters or without literally thinking twice about them. This world has got no ample amount of time then why does one want to wait for any kind of clarity?

It’s not just about slurring, it’s about us and it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes or learn with time. πŸ™‚


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