Recently, my sleeping habit has become quite absurd which makes me think about sleeping or at times I even doze off suddenly. It’s not like, I’d sleep off in the middle of something but I tend to get dizzy when I’m taking a break from work or eating my meals.

From the kind of person I am, this habit of mine, about not sleeping on time or at irregular times is quite annoying me these days.Β I’m just glad that frustration hasn’t come into me. Though, I’ve made it a bit too difficult for my sister. Since we share the room and she is quite a light sleeper, it makes me unable to read in case I can’t get sleep at midnight hours and if I wish to get to bed during the afternoon both our routines go in for a toss.

It’s difficult to manage my sleep habit this way and it also quite affects my health in ways I could never imagine.Β I think I’ll make a change today and tell you about it tomorrow. Happy Sleeping! πŸ™‚


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