For some people just make your life seem so special. I feel at times that love is such an overrated feeling, why can’t it be termed just as special as other feelings? Or why can’t other feelings be termed as important as love? There is actually a very important reason behind this. A reason that justifies why love is always perceived as a more vital feeling, a more vital emotion.

Most of our joy, our sorrow, our satisfaction or our misery comes from one simple emotion called, love. Not just happiness and sadness but regret, depression or gratitude and excitement too come into us because we love. The feeling of making our parents proud gives birth to passion for excellence. The feeling of doing something great for our kids brings forth the feeling of being persistent with great courage.

It’s confusing at times to understand the things that love can do. It’s difficult to understand whether what love is doing to us is good or bad. It’s crazy how we can’t perceive where love leads us, how it makes us who we are, how it creates almost everything we do.

So one thing that really makes sense is that, if it’s love that plays a vital role in our lives, let’s not fail to express it. 🙂




               Do you feel sad about missing something important? Missing someone special? Or even missing a show you like to watch and you follow? Well, I quite do and I hate missing or waiting. But at times, you can’t be everywhere or do everything, right? That’s where prioritizing comes in and one feels helpless but he or she has to choose.

These I feel are the most difficult choices of my life. Especially, when I choose work over people and then miss them. When I choose assignments over family get togethers and miss all the love and fun. Fortunate or not we have to make these decisions and we tend to go into the direction for ourselves. Right? Wrong, I’d say!

I know what’s important for us, most people won’t understand. Yet, what is that thing we are quite waiting for? Would I miss work if I’m with people who love me? I would just miss my salaries. And family will stay by my side whether I have the money or not.

So consider yourself in this choice now. Think again before taking the decision. Because everything can come again, except the life we’re living and the time that’s passing. Create memories, hold blessings and have stories to tell your kids. Money can definitely buy a lot but happiness. 🙂

Mom And Me!


     No matter how many words, phrases or stories are written for moms, there’ll always be a mystery about their character. I think even though we don’t give our parents as much love or respect as we feel for them we always have it in us. As much love and gratitude they have for us.

Somewhere yes, they’ve taken immense burden and pain for us and unfortunately we can’t return it to them, we can only do it with our kids or the generation to come. However it’s difficult to explain it to them, but we truly do love them the most, no matter how many relationships we have or people we fall for or friends we make. They’ll always be the foremost right?

Anyway, my story wasn’t about the mutual feeling that my parents and I have. It was about this trip that my mom and dad are starting tomorrow and since the very beginning of getting this news of a ten day trip my mom has been frantically running around to keep everything in place for us while she isn’t home.

It’s not like we’ll be alone for the first time or we can’t help ourselves well. But her concern for us has had absolutely no boundaries. While we had our duties in place for them, the bookings, confirmations, luggage, other voyage related activities, her preparation would never stop.

I knew she would be thinking about us more than her trip but I never imagined it to that extent. So much uncertainty about this behavior of my mom turned into a wonderful emotional baggage for me. Trust me, their trip starts tomorrow and I’m already missing her. Love you Ma! Yes, dad has a lesser importance in this story but, I love you dad and today it’s just mom and me (hope you understand 😛 ).

Happy Journey both you Sweetest Hearts. Wish you a joyous and safe trip! 🙂

Love Stories!


With “Valentine’s Week” passing, as we celebrate it in this era and Valentine’s Day gradually bringing another year of joy in couple lives I have a story to narrate.

Whether it’s teens, twenty year olds or happily married couples, love hasn’t remained just an emotion. Love is something people live their lives by today. Men become restless when they don’t get to see their spouse for even a span of a few minutes. A loving text or two from girlfriend makes the day special for her guy.

Love was always a special feeling but today it’s more than just a feeling. It’s an emotion that gives rise to all the other feelings. There’s more joy to soul in love rather than in all other pleasures of life.

And I the most inexperienced girl about love, wish you a life filled of unconditional unending love stories. 🙂


New Post!


          Every time one comes here on wordpress, or maybe every blog site, the page reads “New Post”. A new set of words or sentences or paragraphs no one has ever read before. A story one mustn’t have even written before, or pictures people haven’t seen before or art that no one must have noticed.

But when I come here, I see a new beginning to a world of new ideas or new choices of new changes and new resolutions. And this happens in every field of my life. A set of million new beginnings each day. I’m definitely a beginner in the skin of a prizewinner.

Be the beginner to be the best. 🙂

5 Seconds!


               With the start to this year, I played a quick game with myself. A game in which I didn’t have to make a resolution but quit doing something that hurts me a lot. And I thought that what hurts me the most is me myself, because after anything that affects me, I over think about it and it becomes an heart ache from just a small skin pinch.

So how did I do that? For example, a friend said something, he or she shouldn’t have, not even in jokes. As a consequence, I count down from the least favourite number i.e. five to zero and smile as wide as I can when I complete counting zero. This way all the thought gets diverted to smiling and it becomes so simple to forget what really hurt you.

Can you imagine just five seconds or ten seconds taking all your pain away? I know it’s not always easy but most of the times it’s so much fun and relaxing.

Find out your way to quit hurting yourself this year and make each wide smile a really memorable one. 🙂

Some Days!


               Some days are just bad. Gloomy and sad. It’s obvious that to notice the good in life, one has to face the bad moments, live through the bad days and learn to leap. But is it so easy to laugh through your sorrows, to wear a smile or to even forget about a bad memory?

It’s not quite easy at times and I’ll tell you why. When we think about a memory, we get stuck in a loop of it. Every rejoiced moment with another happy one and similarly every sorrow with another sorrow attached. We might look away, do different things, get engrossed in odd tasks but our mind thinks about the same thing over and over again. We can’t get away of these thoughts until another marvelous moment takes place.

Sometimes there’s no getting away from a terribly hard day and it seems impossible to smile on a day like that one. We feel let’s not talk, let’s just cry or be alone and just give up. But actually it’s the other way round. On such days, we should do exactly the opposite, maybe talk it out, not cry about it for it’ll just be gone and live through it no matter how hard and harsh it is on us.

It’s not quite necessary to always be happy, it’s not so compulsory to always smile along. But, what seems better to laugh or to cry? And if you feel the urge to cry, cry it out. Cry loud and hard so that the next day you can be beautiful in the smile you wear.

So the best way to get through a really bad day is to do something that we love. Create another moment and indulge our mind to think about this one instead. In that way, we take control and master our minds to think about what we like and do things that make us really really happy.

Have a nice day! 🙂