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               It’s been a long time now since I’ve been thinking about all my social media networks. I’ve been thinking about what my social media profile really does? Can I connect better with my people offline? Can I be more productive if I disconnect myself? Would I be updated? Would I be successful if I’m not a regular social media user?

Even though these thoughts didn’t come to me naturally they created a great impact on my thinking pattern. I’ve always been an avid social media user and the number friends on my Facebook profile or followers on my Instagram profile did matter a lot. But today, as I look back to those days when Facebook was merely a new website and we all created registered accounts to learn something new, I can see how the whole motive has changed and that too for nothing better.

This one’s not just about Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, it’s generally about how Social Media has taken up our valuable mind space and personal space and also, how it affects us in various aspects of our lives. Even as I write this article, I can imagine most of you not agreeing with my ideas and you might have important, completely sensible reasons of disagreement towards my thinking. But on an individuals’ level I feel completely satisfied to share my thoughts with people around, through a book rather than a text message.

In today’s world it can be immensely difficult to even try to imagine a life deprived of social media. But trying to come out from that viscous large clique and be completely outgoing, offline and oneself can truly be a beginning of some beautiful things in life.

Yes, it might take time. I believe all tough things do! But we might find better ways to connect, better entertainment routes, stronger bonds and many more social circles.

We might find a better way to live life. 🙂



I know the word YODO seems like an error or something incorrect or strange to most of my readers today. But I do have a reason for the L being replaced by a D in the abbreviation “YOLO”.

So a few years back, youngsters like me got quite excited with the abbreviation YOLO, which means You Only Live Once. I personally loved commenting it on pictures of my traveler buddies. YOLO became a pretty common status and a further common phrase to use to mock a friend from the group. But after this little time that I’ve spent using that word I’ve understood one simple thing. That it was never that way for me. It was nothing like a eureka moment or epiphany. I just understood that YOLO faded away for me because I didn’t really find it truthful anymore.

I felt that “You Only Live Once” is such a wrong connect. Because, we live everyday, each minute and breathe almost every second of our lives. In fact we breathe faster than the seconds of a minute, utilizing more of every micro part of being alive. And we just die once. So my conception of YOLO made me realize that how amazing it would be if I could live even every minute of my life to the fullest, making it memorable and having a story to tell about it. About the life I live in every breath. About the life that’s such an amazing gift to all of us present here.

Because, You Only Die Once and YOU LIVE EVERYDAY! 🙂

We love you Ladies!


Away from all the stereotyping, discrimination, equality, fundamental rights and other important issues. Let’s just talk about us. The better halves of the world I mean. Just kidding! 😛

This is not just for men to read. Remember lying on mom’s lap for even a few seconds and how her hands can’t resist playing with your hair and skin? The way this alluring darling can’t help but care for us? She’s so affectionate that I sometimes start to think how wonderful a wife dad’s got. She’s so caring that I wonder if I’ll ever be able to become a mom like her.

Coming to wives or women as partners, especially this era when she’s competitive but in such beautiful ways that you tend to love her more, don’t you? I won’t say she gives up on a lot, but she does think mostly just about you. You’re her one and only and she loves you in the most deepest ways.

And do you remember that little girl who had a crush on you ever since you were born. Whether girls or boys, everyone loves sisters. They’re so irritating and annoying that you can’t help but noticing them being in your lives. But at the same time, you got any difficulty little or elder one, it’ll soon be hers. Hell yeah!

We can’t forget daughters today they’re a father’s piece of heart and a mother’s little part itself. No matter how old they get they’ll always be young for mom and dad. These daughters make the most difference actually by changing on each step of their lives. As young riling creatures to adult caring moms. I can’t thank them enough for being themselves.

These women might not be the best but they’re mostly a great deal to the world. They might not be equal or stronger but they’re quite everything anyone would want in their lives. I know I’ve missed quite many of them but let’s love them and respect them.

Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful women of the whole wide world! We love you Ladies! 🙂

Give And Take!


               I truly appreciate how life miraculously makes us balance to it’s absolute nature. Even though it’s not quite easy to give something valuable for what you want or need, it’s definitely the perfect way to understand that nothing in the world comes for free. Until and unless the correct value of anything is acknowledged, we tend to take it for granted.

I quite enjoy the pleasure of giving but at times it’s quite difficult to understand if you’re paying the right price or if you’re getting enough in return for your payment.

With time, effort and money being the foremost criterias of my life, at times I wonder if I’m really effective and efficient as much as necessary. I’m generally afraid of losing focus and thus important time of my life to correct my direction. Giving or taking are just like two sides of a coin, a coin wouldn’t go without them. But what we need to understand is that, how much we give for it, how long we take to get a valuable return and lastly if we’ve earned it. 🙂



               What is the best according to you? The best for me is something that proves my yesterday wrong. Something that proves to the world that, “I did it.” The best is something that helps me to grow and inspires someone else to get going. The best is something that you can give up everything for.

Honestly, I haven’t done my best yet. I haven’t put in my best effort. I haven’t written my best story. So when? When do we do our best? Once in awhile? We put in hundred percent only once in awhile? We go one step nearer to our dream only once in awhile? Why? Why can’t we give up on everything to get the best each and everyday? Why can’t we make today, tomorrow and day after the best? Why can’t we get up in this moment and make it the best?

The time is now and the place is here. So do your best. 🙂


via Daily Prompt: Slur


This is my first post on a word prompt. Usually, I am not this blank about what to write but today when I saw the word “Slur” as the prompt I thought how perfectly it fit to my thoughts and took a step towards writing it.

It’s not a good sign right to slur or mumble or fumble with words? It clearly gives out the sign of nervousness or fear or maybe lack of confidence. At times, one may also judge that the person slurring with words is either drunk or probably has a disability. But on the other hand, when we watch movies or television shows, slurring becomes a kind of comic. A difficult scene to do and also we appreciate how well the actors do it. In drama schools, slurring is probably a stage or exam to pass through for students. We make sure kids learn new words from the habit of slurring at their young ages. Then why does it affect when a grown up slurs or mumbles?

I know it’s quite an unhealthy habit or maybe not a respectable one. Although, if looked through the eyes of an artist it’s quite an articulate thing to do. Think about the thoughts that get messed up or wind together in our minds? It’s quite normal if we speak them without filters or without literally thinking twice about them. This world has got no ample amount of time then why does one want to wait for any kind of clarity?

It’s not just about slurring, it’s about us and it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes or learn with time. 🙂



               I’m a twenty year old trying to find my way through this mysterious world. Don’t we all some day have to? Don’t we have to choose a path that’s just ours. At times even make one. A path that maybe no one has travelled or a path that we have to go on all alone without lovers or haters?

And it’s a tough job to just choose one path when you have four tempting options or rather even more. It gets tougher if you think about other aspects of life like love, work, health or family. It gets tougher when you’re not alone and there are millions trying to stop you and further tougher when you have to build one with the world opposing and telling you, “You’re absolutely wrong”.

I started mine, with all the kinds of difficulties I could ever face, I started building my path. Soon I realized I didn’t have enough gravel or even sand, so I worked and earned my gravel. Gradually I knew it was going to get over, I worked harder, saving almost every penny, I tried to earn all my materials. Now as soon as I started again it started raining. Tough work got tougher and even toughest but I wasn’t going to give up so I worked and saved for seasons to come. With rains coming to an end, I realised I never had the right kind of equipment, now I worked hard for the equipment. Sooner or later I understood why I wanted that path so bad. Building it was my first step while travelling it was my ultimate destination. The gravel here is my confidence, the other materials are probably strength, determination and practice and my equipment is knowledge.

In this journey of finding our own path, our own self we require the knowledge to use our strength in the best manner, be determined and keep practicing with confidence. Journey of life can be the toughest yet don’t give up because the destination is really worth quite a lot. 🙂