A World Full Of Possibilities!


With the dimensions of earth enlarging day by day, there’ll sure be a workplace just for you. Remember the dreams you had as a child? I don’t think I ever had a concrete one. I always dreamt of growing up to be a dancer or an artist or a story-teller and at times too many people as one. I remember my dream profession changing with the kinds of books I read, television shows I saw or the stories I heard at school. There was a time, probably during the 2nd grade, where I wanted to be just like my mother, so powerful yet humble.

Who knew, there would come a day where we’d have to fight to become what we finally decided upon? Compete against each other to live upto our dreams. Climb on shoulders, to touch the sky?

It takes around fifteen years to understand ourselves, to clear the confusions of our lives and come to definitive answer of what we want to become. A time where we want to know who we are and what we can really do? A time where we urge to find our power and responsibilities. It takes around a decade of struggles to follow that one dream that we feel is the most achievable and is just ours. There do come failures and doubts and all those things that can pull us down. Yet, we feel it’s just no time to turn back and we wish to leap ahead. Probably takes more time to trust our plans, a few more decades to make us reach the position we’ve always imagined to be at. And then is the time, when we can dream a new dream, choose to move ahead or become two personalities in one. To learn a new language or a new sport and all of it then makes sense of the beginning and the journey.

Every destination is a something that was earlier fought for. A place that you wish to die for and a journey that just seems to never end. But there’s always a world full of possibilities. A world of hope and of a dream that comes true. So keep going and keep dreaming and keep fighting till you get there. Don’t lose hope, do cry, but don’t forget to get up to get going back to the same dream for it is wanting to be yours as much as you’re wanting it, like a crazy lover.

Quoting, J. K. Rowling, “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” 🙂

A Life Afar!


For all those readers who are a nineties born or earlier, would remember those days that were a little distant from technology. I remember going to the parks to play. Reading more and more of books all the time, everyday. I can’t forget how mom scolded me and my siblings from watching television for more than an hour. I remember how we all sat together to sing or play and at times dance our troubles away.

I don’t see any of that happening today. We’re unfit and unclear, frustrated all day. We all sit with mobile phones closer than the people are. We are socially active but usually lifeless and slothful by far. I can’t remember when I left the book and took a phone in my hand. But I wish I can do vice versa soon and get new books back to my hand.

I wish to get to my feet and dance my worries out. I wish to play a game of chess with my dad and to laugh out. I wish to go jog not because it’s a duty but fun to jog and laugh around. I wish to sing more than to listen to my favorite music tracks which were earplugs bound.  I wish to help mom cook desserts again. I wish to find my old friends, again. I wish to leave the techy games behind. I wish to pick up my pen leaving the keys far behind.

I know it’s different world today but it sure can be balanced too. Let’s try to take a walk into a life afar from technology too. 🙂

The Rights Of The Left Way!


               Most of my life, I’ve been afraid of myself. Yes, if there’s a phobia that describes “self-fear”, I definitely have had it for most of my age. I’m not scared of myself, I’m scared of how wrong I can be, how much people can hate me, how hard I can fall or how bad I can fail. The fear of not being “good enough” has always kept me behind closed doors. Doors that always had an opportunity knocking on them. But I always felt that those opportunities weren’t meant for me.

Soon the time passed and with it the opportunities too. Now the fear of being behind the closed doors crept in so bad that stepping outside seemed like a much better path. A path that was unseen, unknown and definitely untraveled before. I knew I was alone here, but at some point isn’t everybody alone?

I took a few small steps thinking I’d reach the destination. Unknown of this world outside my door, I tripped hard and hurt myself too but I got up since this was the only way remaining right? Another few steps got me to diversions in the path I chose, since the destination was far, I thought to befriend my journey and trusted myself and my instinct. Another few steps brought me to a sea where I saw my reflection which was unclear but this time it looked fearless, brave and proud. The confidence to move further came in diminishing the fear that had taken place in me for so many years.

I took a few more steps and understood that I had come into the wrong direction. So what would I do now? I corrected my mistakes and went further. I won’t say that I’ve reached my destination but this journey has taught me a lot. From being afraid to do something because I could be wrong, to do something because I could be right too. This path of learning has sure been longer than it should have been but I’ve learned to think about the rights of the left way.

So now it doesn’t matter what can go wrong, because I can make it right. What matters is what can go right. 🙂

Give And Take!


               I truly appreciate how life miraculously makes us balance to it’s absolute nature. Even though it’s not quite easy to give something valuable for what you want or need, it’s definitely the perfect way to understand that nothing in the world comes for free. Until and unless the correct value of anything is acknowledged, we tend to take it for granted.

I quite enjoy the pleasure of giving but at times it’s quite difficult to understand if you’re paying the right price or if you’re getting enough in return for your payment.

With time, effort and money being the foremost criterias of my life, at times I wonder if I’m really effective and efficient as much as necessary. I’m generally afraid of losing focus and thus important time of my life to correct my direction. Giving or taking are just like two sides of a coin, a coin wouldn’t go without them. But what we need to understand is that, how much we give for it, how long we take to get a valuable return and lastly if we’ve earned it. 🙂



Recently, my sleeping habit has become quite absurd which makes me think about sleeping or at times I even doze off suddenly. It’s not like, I’d sleep off in the middle of something but I tend to get dizzy when I’m taking a break from work or eating my meals.

From the kind of person I am, this habit of mine, about not sleeping on time or at irregular times is quite annoying me these days. I’m just glad that frustration hasn’t come into me. Though, I’ve made it a bit too difficult for my sister. Since we share the room and she is quite a light sleeper, it makes me unable to read in case I can’t get sleep at midnight hours and if I wish to get to bed during the afternoon both our routines go in for a toss.

It’s difficult to manage my sleep habit this way and it also quite affects my health in ways I could never imagine. I think I’ll make a change today and tell you about it tomorrow. Happy Sleeping! 🙂


via Daily Prompt: Slur


This is my first post on a word prompt. Usually, I am not this blank about what to write but today when I saw the word “Slur” as the prompt I thought how perfectly it fit to my thoughts and took a step towards writing it.

It’s not a good sign right to slur or mumble or fumble with words? It clearly gives out the sign of nervousness or fear or maybe lack of confidence. At times, one may also judge that the person slurring with words is either drunk or probably has a disability. But on the other hand, when we watch movies or television shows, slurring becomes a kind of comic. A difficult scene to do and also we appreciate how well the actors do it. In drama schools, slurring is probably a stage or exam to pass through for students. We make sure kids learn new words from the habit of slurring at their young ages. Then why does it affect when a grown up slurs or mumbles?

I know it’s quite an unhealthy habit or maybe not a respectable one. Although, if looked through the eyes of an artist it’s quite an articulate thing to do. Think about the thoughts that get messed up or wind together in our minds? It’s quite normal if we speak them without filters or without literally thinking twice about them. This world has got no ample amount of time then why does one want to wait for any kind of clarity?

It’s not just about slurring, it’s about us and it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes or learn with time. 🙂

5 Seconds!


               With the start to this year, I played a quick game with myself. A game in which I didn’t have to make a resolution but quit doing something that hurts me a lot. And I thought that what hurts me the most is me myself, because after anything that affects me, I over think about it and it becomes an heart ache from just a small skin pinch.

So how did I do that? For example, a friend said something, he or she shouldn’t have, not even in jokes. As a consequence, I count down from the least favourite number i.e. five to zero and smile as wide as I can when I complete counting zero. This way all the thought gets diverted to smiling and it becomes so simple to forget what really hurt you.

Can you imagine just five seconds or ten seconds taking all your pain away? I know it’s not always easy but most of the times it’s so much fun and relaxing.

Find out your way to quit hurting yourself this year and make each wide smile a really memorable one. 🙂